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Hello, my name is Desreta Jackson, and many of you may know me as the young Celie Harris in the Eleven-time Nominated Academy Award movie, "The Color Purple." Along with many other films and television shows, I have guest-starred in; I am also the author of the book "The Black Hair Conspiracy" that has now been added into the Blair Caldwell African American Museum part of the Smithsonian Museum.


Another passion in my life has revolved around the hair. I was a professional braider for 29 years and did hair from all around the world from my braidery Mohogany Mane solving hair problems like thinning hair and breakage with my braiding techniques and homemade herbs.

 BlackSilk products originally started with my desire to figure out why my little girl's hair wouldn't grow to great lengths. I gave birth to a beautiful little girl who wasn't born with that so-called "GOOD HAIR," and history had already taught me that chances were her hair was going to be hard to comb when wet, and thick when dry.

I have spent 12 years researching and perfecting my teaching & technique. I started making my shampoos, conditioners, oils, and treatments, and along the way, discovered some existing products that were not intended to be used by us but should be. Over the years, as I watched my hair and my daughter's become silkier and longer, I knew I was on to something and started using it on friends, family, and clients. It became so successful that I was able to run a home-based braider using my homemade products with a demand that was too vast for me to meet.


When I bought the product to the manufacturer, I was told that my ingredient list, along with other factors, was on the high end.  It was suggested by many that I use cheaper ingredients with the belief that African Americans would not spend the money on such a product. The manufacturers also did not understand how some of the products would be used or how they were beneficial to African American hair. I never blinked my eye or contemplated their comments for a second because I knew from personal experience that WE WANT, WE WILL, AND WE WOULD INVEST IN QUALITY PRODUCTS! Therefore, I saved and purchased my farm to make quality ingredients affordable. I would not settle for less than the best, and so BlackSilk, the first African American Luxury Hair Line, was born. All products designed to heal, grow & protect.


I tried most of the products on the market only to discover that no one product works for all types, no matter what they try to sell you. There is something different and unique about African American hair that makes it more prone to damage and dryness.  Your hair is more than just hair, as I shared in my book, it has a universal connection and was intended to be a conductor to your energy/ frequency a direct connection to your health. I work with natural laboratories and doctors to make sure our products offer extraordinary benefits for your hair, skin, and body!  






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